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Last week was thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a safe and fun day with family and loved ones. Across the pond they were having a different celebration, the 25th annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. The only category I was really interested in though was best glass, and how could you not with Hitman's entry.

This one of a kind piece is amazing in many ways, first off the MF DOOM mask worked by none other than Banjo and Bluegrass, glass legends who brought you so many torch tube collabs earlier this year including the standing Bubmble Bee and a series of masks. Stick it on top of a hammerhead perc'd bubbler with the mouth piece connected to the mouth of the mask and a glass torch for good measure and you have one hell of an entry and a beautiful piece of functional art worth 5 figures. The coolest part about this is that you have to wear the mask to take a dab! Check out the vid below...

This piece unfortunately came in 3rd in best glass. First place went to an other legend in the glass game whom has roots and a shop in Amsterdam but still need to catch up to the dab game. Second place went to a newbie product that doesn't deserve a mention. If you feel the results were fixed in this one, your not alone, the majority can't believe what hitman lost to. Never the less, this piece of amazing art exists and that's good enough for me.

The last couple day, the Liberty team teased us with a couple InstaGram pics and videos of their upcoming Weeble Wobble direct inject oil rigs. In a glass market so saturated nowadays with lots of imitations and recycled ideas, it's very refreshing to see one of the senior members in the glass community reinvent the shape and functionality and set a trend in glass. After seeing how well they're built, i have a feeling these Weeble Wobbles will be very popular soon, finally taking a shot at fixing the age old problem of knocking over your glass. Add the precision carved like sandblasting from Liberty and you've got a beautiful and functional piece of art unlike you've ever seen before. Can't wait to dab one.



Check out the new Slyme rig by Ninja Glass.

Yes it is Election Day in the US and Barrack Obama had been elected for a second term as POTUS, but there were other more important propositions tonight that passed and made history while taking a huge leap for marijuana. Colorado is the first state to legalize marijuana and will have it available to adults without a recommendation. Shorty after Washington legalized marijuana as well making 2 states in the US that have legalized weed. This is a major deal and I'm ecstatic to see this progression, this is the first step to legalizing marijuana throughout the US. It's still going to take time and a lot of work but I'm glad Ill get to see cannabis legalized within my life time. I have a feeling that California and Oregon are close behind in the next few states who legalize and I can't wait.


Up In The Clouds

2012 was definitely the year for vape pens. I had a chance to check out the Kush expo in Anaheim earlier this year and it was loaded with brand after brand of vape pens. Not the gpen, anything from delta 9, atmos or the more well known vape pens, but all new companies trying to get in on the popular vape pen trend. I went around and checked out as many as I could but I saw the same thing after another, maybe a different cartridge or design, but all of them functioned pretty much the same and looked the same with roughly the same size overall and nothing special about any of them.

Fast forward a couple months and say hello to the cloud pen. First thing you notice is the slimed down design, half the size of most vape pens. Very simple to use, just open, put in your favorite concentrate, and press the button. It milks up instantly and provides a huge dab for such a little guy. The buttons indented so you don't accidentally waste any but has a lock anyways for safety. Finished with matte for a soft feel and steady grip.

Last few days I've used it I've had no problems and milked up thick every time with nice dabs. The cartridge is spacious and holds some fatty dabs and you can also use it while it's charging. It's small enough that it doesn't feel like you have anything in your pockets. The cloud pen goes for about $65 on most websites and is recommended for anyone who likes to dab discretely on the go.

Can't be too surprised seeing such innovation from a glass team that gave us the turbine, ratchet, brilliance, & hammerhead perc and of course the glass torch that led to the revolutionary torchtube which effortlessly took high end works of art from a few thousand bucks to 5 figure works of art that belong in galleries. Started only in 2009, Hitman has come a long way in a few years and has taken the glass world by storm.

For those not familiar with the recycler, it's a fairly new design in glass that has the hit filtered through the perc multiple times, cutting out drag and splash back in the process. Originally designed by HAMM, the recycler idea took off quick with a small flood of direct inject bubblers hitting the market usually with a raised stem line perc to keep the distance minimum between the nail to your mouth. Everyone has their own variation on the recycler but only a few have really stuck out and made a name for the new found innovation.

Within the last week, hitman glass gave us a little preview of their upcoming recycler via Facebook. First thing you'll notice is that these look nothing like any current recyclers anyones seen on the market, and thats why I mess with these guys, every design is original and innovative. They're scientific glass first and they always bring the functionality proper, these pieces look like they rip. With that said it looks like Hitman is slowly moving towards headier collars. They've had inspiring, amazing & vibrant  torchtube collabs within the last year but it's good to see their recycler, and hopefully their full line will be on the headier side.

Hitman X Pakoh Recycler Prototype, Hammerhead Perc

Hitman X Pakoh Recycler Prototype, Hammerhead Perc
Hoobs X Hitman Recycler, Hammerhead Perc

Hoobs X Hitman Recycler, Hammerhead/Trophy Perc

The recycler along with the Phase 2 line comes out this winter 2012 and will be in select glass shops. I've had a chance to preview a custom piece from the new line and must say it hits like a champ, has me looking forward to the rest of Phase 2.


The Pocket Set

Artist: Rehab Glass
Type: 14mm Vapor Rig
Perc: 3 Slit Inline
Size: Micro
Custom: No
Retail: 100-120
Perfect For: Travel

 My last pick up and currently smallest in my collection. I wanted to get an inexpensive piece small enough to carry around in my pocket and that's exactly what I do with this one. Just add a torch and a ti nail to the mix and I can take dabs pretty much whenever and wherever.

 I wasn't looking for this piece in particular when I bought it but it was a pleasant surprise. It's by Rehab Glass whom I couldn't find too much information on besides they hand make scientific glass in the US. It's a light but solid feeling piece that fits easily in your palm without feeling its going to slip and fall. It features a 14mm DI joint that goes thru a 3 slit inline perc and stacks up nice and tall into the narrow chamber with a curved neck that eliminates the splashback and a hard to spill design topped off with a clean gold logo in front. It even has a small indent on top of the middle chamber that can be used for a micro concentrate dish. I've carried this around in my pockets for a couple weeks now and it's stayed solid with no dents or cracks, it's a well built little piece.

 The size doesn't affect the quality at all tho, it still hits really nice. It fits just enough water for a smooth hit that packs a great taste with every dab. It stacks up and fills the chamber nice and as long as its not upside down it won't spill a drop in your pocket. It's a pretty neat little piece that I've been having a lot of fun with while using it on the go. Looking forward to taking some quick sneak dabs whenever.

 The dome on the last picture is a hand worked 14mm dome by headford glass. Top 5 favorite glass anything.